Without Theatre is an Arts Award Centre. We offer a specialist training programme at Bronze Level 1 and Silver Level 2 for young people aged 11 – 25 wanting to develop their creative skills.

The Arts Award is an established and respected form of learning and leads to:

  • A nationally recognised qualification towards further education
  • A framework for developing new skills and sharing knowledge
  • A link between young people and creative arts professionals

Our bespoke workshops are designed to be adaptable for any age or experience. We provide classes for children, young people and adults.

Mindful Acting

Regardless of your experience level, this workshop is guaranteed to offer a rewarding and unique experience. It will help you to build self-confidence, explore your creativity and enhance your freedom of movement while developing a range of acting skills.

Core activities include:

  • Approaches to relaxation, concentration and focus
  • Using mindful actions to improve self-awareness, stamina and coordination
  • Exploring the use of vocal communication, body language and physical presence
  • Developing an understanding of spontaneity and characterisation
  • Building elements of self-esteem, imagination and expression

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Designed for those new to this type of skill, this workshop will take you through the building blocks of improvisation including unrehearsed communication and random prompting. Through a series of games and exercises you will learn to say yes and to take control of situations where scripts don’t exist.

Core activities include:

  • Exploring spontaneity, instinct and raw emotion
  • Using creativity and imagination in everyday situations
  • Listening, responding, offering and accepting
  • Character work and multi-scene storytelling
  • Learning to be relaxed, flexible and confident

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Actor or Singer, vocals are everything. This workshop is designed to strengthen and develop posture, breath control, pitch variety, clarity and diction.

Core activities include:

  • Using physical exercises to maintain alignment and optimal posture
  • Developing breath support and using the diaphragm efficiently
  • Increasing breath capacity to undertake long speech or songs
  • Learning how the larynx and vocal tract work and relaxing the muscles to produce good tone and alter pitch
  • Exploring amplification and resonance for effective projection ensuring your voice can be carried and sustained across large spaces


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Playful Performance

Play is fundamental to a performers creativity, when we allow ourselves to play we live, we are present, we take risks, we are impulsive and we respond freely. This full-day workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of Immersive and Interactive performance, transforming your approach to acting and theatre.

Core activities include:

  • Using playful exercises to develop a performance framework
  • Learning to use objects and space to generate ideas and content
  • Character archetypes and visceral storytelling
  • Exploring relationships between performer and audience
  • Designing choice, direction and response in performance


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