Drama for Wellbeing is a programme that supports young people and vulnerable adults enabling them to gain a wider understanding, for themselves and others, of the issues surrounding mental health challenges using communication, performance techniques and play. This programme offers a creative platform for individuals to share personal stories and discuss difficult topics in a positive and supportive environment.

Core activities include:

  • Defining mental health and mental health problems
  • Exploring your own mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Storytelling through personal and occupational contexts
  • Developing acting skills and narrative structure
  • Finding the playfulness and fun in performing

This programme also offers the option of creating a public performance that raises awareness and understanding of mental health.


“The programme is very enjoyable and fun, open and inviting. I felt quite comfortable with the group and it’s dynamic.” – Participant Testimonial

“This programme has helped me to reflect on my own experiences with depression, specifically in dissecting the negative thought process, it’s irrationality and insidious nature.” – Participant Testimonial